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We are all about people


We believe that when we hire the best people and take care of them in the best way, you receive the best service. This is our story.


The Beginning


It was in 2003 when Ted Bender founded “This Old Tractor”, a one-man repair shop operating out of a shed on his property. After 5 years of repairing cars and tractors, a local asked if Ted's shop could take on a small welding job. And that's when everything changed.





As the business expanded into the field of metal fabrication, everything exploded. The company was re-branded as Bender Steel & Repair. New shops were built, equipment was purchased, and amazing craftsmen were hired to keep up with the influx of fabrication jobs.



Present Day


Today, Bender Steel & Repair is a full-service metal fabrication business specializing in decorative metal fencing, metal buildings, and other metal products. Our shops today can handle even the largest jobs from design to install in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.



The Future


We know that our future depends on our customers. Our high quality products and workmanship, as well as our dedication to our customers, keeps them coming back and has resulted in us building strong working relationships with customers such as the City of Wichita and Kansas State University.



Learn More


If you want to learn more about Bender Steel's work, you can view some of our latest metal fabrication projects or metal building projects.

We would love to discuss your next project with you! If you are ready to speak directly to one of the skilled professionals on our team about your project, please send us an email or give us a call. 

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